How To Get To Mosquito Hostel ?

[There are some construction works on the tracks so the travel time can take up to 35 min]. The quickest way to get to the Krakow City Center is to take a train, which roughly leaves every 30 minutes from the Airport. Runs from 04:30 till 00:18 and last around 17 minutes. It costs 9 PLN (2 EUR). You have to get off at Krakow Główny which is the main train station in town and then follow the directions written below

For those on the budget, the best option to get to the center of Krakow is to take one of the local buses ( 208, 292 or 902). One ride ( I and II Agglomeration) costs 4.00 PLN/2.00 PLN ( discounted ) but it takes up to 45 minutes. Bus will take you to the bus station ( called MDA) which is located next to the Train Station and then follow the directions written below.

There are two levels of the bus station (called MDA). If you are on the upper level (G – level) go downstairs to the lower level (D – level). On the lower level look for the entrance with big blue sign PKP Kraków Główny which takes you to the Train Station shops and then go straight to Galeria Krakowska (then follow directions written above) if Galeria Krakowska is closed turn left to Train Station and then follow directions written above.
To leave the Train Station you should go downstairs to the tunnel, then turn right to enter the big mall Galeria Krakowska. Now you are at the level -1 of this mall, you can use modern escalators to get to the upper level ( 0 ) and look for an exit to street call Pawia. On Pawia street turn left and go straight along the street to the big intersection ( with trams) and then turn right to Basztowa street.

*If the Galeria Krakowska is closed, follow these directions: Leave the Train Station and go downstairs to the tunnel then turn left at the stairs which will lead you to the main building of the station. Head towards that building and before you enter it take a right turn when you see Galeria Krakowska. When you reach the square head for the ‘Andels’ Hotel, then cross at the pedestrian crossing and find Pawia street which is behind that hotel. When you reach Pawia street turn left and head towards the big intersection (with trams) and then turn right to Basztowa street.

That’s right! You are so close so keep going ahead! After 2 – 3 minutes walk you will reach the Tram Stop called Stary Kleparz – then turn right along the NAKIELNY Bakery and then you will see our dark blue MOSQUITO HOSTEL sign. There should be a big gate on your right shoulder. Look for an intercom to dial number 60. Bzzzzzz. Once you get in – take the first and the only door on your left. Now you have a privilege to take an elevator to the 2nd floor where our Mosquito Hostel door will be on your left. Welcome to our hostel & feel the positive buzzz! You made it! 🙂



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